Diabetes Testing

In support of LCIF’s fight to deal with diabetes the Windhoek Lions Club, during the month of November, conducts an annual diabetes testing station at a local shopping mall and thereby making people more aware of the threat of diabetes.

Concert in the Garden  

For the benefit of our senior citizens the Windhoek Lions Club hosts a traditional concert in the garden with coffee and cake to background of live music. 

Eros Manor Oktoberfest

A traditional Oktoberfest with beer, Lebkuchen, Bretzel and Bratwurst is hosted by the Windhoek Lions Club at the Eros Manor for the entertainment of the residents at the Old- age Home.

Eye Testing

In support of LCIF vision pillar the Windhoek Lions Club does regular eye testing with children in under privileged areas with the grateful help of local optometrists and where necessary we finance the attainment of glasses.

Renting out of Wheel Chairs

The Windhoek Lions Club avails wheel chairs, walkers and crutches to those who would not normally be in a financial positions to buy such equipment for short-term use, for a minimal donation.


Môreson Christmas Party 

Our very own Santa visited the Môreson Special School for the Cognitively Impaired.  Each child is presented with a present and some lunch at a party hosted by the Windhoek Lions Club.  

Dagbreek Christmas Party

The mentally challenged children of the school are treated to a visit from our very own Father Christmas and each child is presented with a present at a party hosted by the Windhoek Lions Club.  We have in the past also sponsored brick making equipment, fruit trees and various other items that they need over the very long relationship that we have with the school.

Hephata Christmas Function

Supporting the DELK in caring for the patients of Hephata the Windhoek Lions Club provides Christmas cheer in the form of a party with individual presents and merriment.  We also sponsor the repairs of various household requests and take them on outings for coffee and cake.

Premature Baby Day 

In support of the premature baby day the Windhoek Lions Club was honored to hand out some blankets and gifts to mothers at the Windhoek central hospital maternity ward.

Diabetes Walk

In support of LCIF’s fight to deal with diabetes the Windhoek Lions Club organized a Diabetes Walk in November.

REST - Rare & Endangered Species Trust

In support of LCIF Environmental objects the Windhoek Lions Club supports the efforts of REST, who as its primary purpose, rehabilitate the highly endangered Pangolins amongst many other rescued animals.

Birthday cakes Dagbreek

The Windhoek Lions Club provides each child at the dagbreek with a birthday cake in the week of in which he or she is celebrating their birthday, brining much joy to the fortunate recipients.

Support of Kalkfeld community

A small under privileged community of Kalkfeld is being supported by the Windhoek Lions Club, in the form of providing school going children with basic stationery items and the old age home with basic hygiene supplies and items of comfort.

Support goods to Old age homes

Being passionate about looking after our senior citizens the Windhoek Lions Club is always at hand to provide goods ranging from beds, commodes, walkers and television sets, to ensure that their autumn years are spent in comfort. 

Special Olympics

Special Olympics being a partner of LCIF, Windhoek Lions Club supports the the initiatives of the local Special Olympics Branch, be it in the form of eye testing during the Olympics or general support of their administrative needs to meet their objects.

Butterfly Kindergarten

When a local teacher has the passion to build a kindergarten with the aim of educating underprivileged youth, the Windhoek Lions Club does not hesitate to support such a noble program, in any shape or form ranging from painting to providing matrasses for their afternoon nap or fencing in the property and providing floor tiles.  We have been sponsoring their needs for many years now.

Sleeping bags for the poor

As many people are forced to sleep outside during cold nights, the Windhoek Lions Club decided to donate sleeping bags and hand them over to help those sleeping rough.  We hope these bags will help keep people warm and comfortable.

Old Age Home Oude Rust

The Windhoek Lions Club is passionate about its senior citizens. Windhoek Lions Club hosts a monthly Film Evening, and its proceeds are set aside to assist a nursing home.  The Club decided to donate a much-needed oxygen machine to the old age home Oude Rust.